LEA2 - Lichtbringer SIM

On different plattforms Lichtbringer offers you on the LEA SIM some interesting effects for relaxing or to hang round with your friends in mystical atmophäres or take great pictures.

Rezzing is allowed for all Group Members.

For best experience follow the grafic instructions and except the windlight settings. Use the Teleporter System to discover different Worlds of Light.



Welcome Point

On Groundlevel you will find Informations round about Lichtbringer and grafic settings. Photospots invite you to spend more time here and relax. 

Freebies are available here.


Explosions of colors are the theme of this Level. Explore what possibilities there are for primitives.

gyazo gif1

gyazo gif2


Optical Illusions and great textures give you the feeling of no hard ground under your feet. 

The Stars

Guest: Claire diLuna Chevalier

Claire diLuna Chevaliers installation for the Event Sternennacht Part2 and important background for her Machinima. 



Guest at the Moment: Carl0 Masala

Forrest Atmosphäre welcomes you at the Brandybock-Gallerie where you can see Photographie from Just Me. We will habe Guests here too, who can show their works. at the Moment you can see the photografie from Carl0 Masala "Nine Knights".


Original Sounds from the Pergamon-Museum surround a large Collection of different sculptures. 

Turn of music and turn on sounds to enjoy it full.


Guest: Jacen Bloodfighter

Jacen Bloodfighter shows his Fractal-Art in our desert. Surrounded by warm lights you can also enjoy some machinimas here.

Space Rocks

"Somewhere over the Rainbow..." Rainbow Bridges lead you from rock to rock. you can dance on the flying rocks by sitting on them.


The Place to show your particles and Lighteffects. Open for Guests all the time.

Lichtbringer "Once Upon a time" will happen here the first time.