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we bring the light

Lichtbringer - we bring the light

An Art Project by Just Wu (justmetrying resident) , Louis Wu (cyberklon resident) & Elektra (Hangrod Hax).

First Project together in a team was in 2015 on the Art Community Project "Sternennacht".

Always staying in contact, they started "Sternennacht Teil 2" in 2016. In Co-operation with Yucalé, the coffee gallery, they brought together different artists joining one building theme which of course was the universe and the stars.

They started playing around with particles and advanced light options. Inspired by Mandel Solano and Mario Helstein, well known particle- & lichtartists, they could not stop experimenting around with different buildingoptions.

Project "Lichtbringer" was started.

Just Wu is responsible for management. Louis Wu and Elektra now made different advanced light- & particleshows in the past year.

For their show "Once upon a time - a future fairytale" they worked together with DJane ChillyMilly, who did a soundtrack fitting the shown pictures and scenes.

Lichtbringer had a grant for a Linden Endowment for the Arts Sim. Lea2 - Lichtbringer Sim was 4 month the first installation from Lichtbringer from november 2016 to february 2017.

In march 2017 they released their first musicvideo for the track "Tiefseelichter" by Psiquence. Claire diLuna Chevalier joined them for this project by taking the filmscenes and making the cut of the video.

The last show "Expect the Unexpected" showed new techniques as fluid meshes and meshmorphing. Nearly all meshes and textures that are used are selfmade.

Just Me

justmetrying resident

Ideas, Organisation, Group Management, Photographer, Textures, Contact



Lighteffects, Sculpts, Meshes, Scripts, Ideas, Particles, textures

Louis Wu

cyberklon resident

Primworks, Scripts, Particle Effects, Lights, Ideas, meshes, textures